Home and Garden Portrait Commissions

This doesn’t have to be your typical house portrait! If you are thinking of preserving your home in a painting, consider talking to me.

A traditional house portrait is stately and timeless. However, you have many other options. Perhaps your favorite location on the property would be more meaningful or your favorite view looking out from the inside. A garden or other area where you have created a place that brings you peace and pleasure, or even the street or neighborhood where your home is located, is a potential choice. If you can’t settle on one idea then a series can be done, each painting featuring a different view of your property.

As the recipient, you are involved in the development of the project nearly every step of the way. From inception to the drawing process, you will have opportunity to share your thoughts. Once the painting phase has begun there is less room to make changes but you will receive emails with photos showing the progress of the painting.

My medium is watercolor. Graphite pencils or pen & ink can be added to the painting as well. My style is a somewhat loosely-rendered painting but still influenced by my training as a Natural Science Illustrator.

Jan & Claire Kennedy
2015 8 x 12"
Dr. Tom & Sally Oxnard
2011 17 x 20"
Red Barn
Red Barn, Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Topsfield, MA
2007 8 x 10"
John and Andrea Richards
John & Andrea Richards
2010 20 x 24"
Court Street
Martha Pennell
2009 18 x 20"
Tall Pines
Miriam Lasher
2008 5 x 7"
Stone Property
Richard & Mary Stone
2009 9 x 15"
Holly Camlin and siblings
2009 8 x 10"